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When your good gifts aint-so-good

What do we do when the Lead Singer of the church choir has been singing flats for the past 52 Sundays? Or perhaps it isn't her/his fault, but the keyboardist, who has had the congregation stuck on C for the whole praise and worship (I think it's time you mix it up..)

Well pull up seat and give me a minute to break down why the Children of our Most Gloriously Excellency have become well... not so Excellent.

Like, let's address it; in the midst of all the dancing and clapping, alongside Grandma Cathy's tambourine debut, there stands a gap which bridges the congregation into the presence of God. What a beautiful thing it is when facilitated correctly, yet potentially catastrophic when otherwise.

Not for a second am I advocating for Simon Cowell to begin visiting church events or services to affirm whether ministrations have the X-Factor or not; Yet funnily enough, we already have the Holy Spirit to do that.

James 1:17 will say "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights..." That's right, every single good thing you've ever been able to do is from God Himself. Now, instead of me going on a rabbit trail in breaking down our God-given gifts, talents and skills; for the sake of my point, I want to focus on the things we're not-so good at.

How awesome is it that we can know where these cool gifts come from? I think just through the understanding of what James was saying, our execution on EVERYTHING we do needs to be a X-Factor-aint-got-nothing-on-me level. And see, (this may seem offensive - please hear my heart), but when I hear off-key worship singers, or played-out or mediocre church events, or poor delivered sermons which run overtime, I can't help but wonder... is this just the quality and standard of the Body of Christ or are some people just in the wrong calling? I mean, not every top 10 singer in the shower-charts needs to be on actual stage sharing their not-so good gift, maybe they can make a "good and perfect" cake instead (don't sleep on the anointed bakers)... or perhaps their gift is in teaching/coaching, stimulating the growth of others in the field of singing. If we want to see the Spirit of God move in these areas of ministry, we don't just need instruments, but the right instrumentalist to play them.

So no, just because you are Christian and you like to rap, don't expect a call from Lecrae. Are you actually GOOD? Is this really your field of ministry? Away the days of simply doing things for the sake of it, but instead let us humbly submit to what God requires of us.

My advice? Strip it all the way back. Ask some honest brothers and sisters for their opinion on your "gifts"; pray about it; or perhaps your gift is still in seed form and you need cultivation, in that case find GOOD mentors/teachers.

We serve the Living King guys, He made us excellent, fearfully and wonderfully made. Let's search our hearts and find out exactly how. Selah.

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